A short interview with me – ”why did you start your blog?”


My blog is mainly set up to promote my short novel – Existential Tableau – which is a lateral thinker’s approach to life. I am a fan of mixing the practical with the arcane; hopefully, my short novel conveys these two qualities well. I also share my thoughts on a variety of topics – there are links to my articles for the Korea Times on my blog. I am passionate about English teaching, so I share my perspective with the world. Who knows, maybe someone’s life will be positively influenced?

My philosophical musings inspired me to set up the blog. I was searching for the best way to publish my short novel – Reddit, Facebook, Twitter.. there was always something missing. Until I stumbled across WordPress. It’s a great site. I am going to reach 100 pages at one point.

Infinite Stairwell. Life is a constant thought process. 


Existential Tableau blog


39 thoughts on “A short interview with me – ”why did you start your blog?”

    1. Well, it’s still an option, but I definitely believe it’s better when you’re approached by potential publishers. Sure, it isn’t easy, but not impossible. If there’s quality work involved, that is. Deep down, we all know if we ‘deserve’ to be published… perhaps it’s a self-fulfilling prophecy?

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  1. Are others having success here on WP with their stories, novels, etc. getting in front of publishers and editors? It’s promising to hear of the possibility. I’d like to learn more about that.
    I wondered about the blog. You had a number of interesting posts before with various ideas, which were deleted. I thought maybe the blog was also about trying to share some of those thoughts, too, or share a certain message to readers? I thought it was good, though I admit I wasn’t always sure of the main idea of what you were trying to convey in some of the earlier posts. Anyway, I did enjoy those.

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    1. I’m sure they are, but it’s unlikely they’re going to share it. Why would they? It’d mean more competition for them. WP isn’t ideal, but it has its advantages. Reddit is probably the best to gain recognition – but it has to be done with a short story. I did have some success on Reddit. It’s a lottery.


    1. Thanks. Imagine you’ve got a book to write. A contract has been signed. It’s a pleasant scenario. The issue is: the competition is immense. Can you break through the ceiling? Once you do – you’re no longer in the same league.

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    1. I see you have your social media set up, though it’s probably a good idea to ”specialize.” Do you want to write articles, movie scripts, etc.? It’s best to focus on a particular set of skills.


  2. Thanks for engaging with Life Force Blog. If you are interested in making a positive influence on the lives of others, check out the sidebar on my blog for resources. After all, we thinkers have to stick together…


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